Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl & Chiropractic

Chiropractic Care for Super Bowl Teams

What did the four NFL teams that played last weekend for a conference championship have in common?

The New York Jets

New Orleans Saints

Indianapolis Colts

Minnesota Viking

All the above teams have doctors of chiropractic on their medical staff. In fact, every team in the NFL currently has a doctor of chiropractic on their staff. What a better testimonial to the value of chiropractic care!

Lets be sure we treat ourselves as supreme athletes and get ourselves adjusted ,chiropractic is one service that is for everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Did You Know

As I was deciding on today's topic I came across Dr.Dan Murphy's works. Dr. Murphy is a leader in chiropractic research. I found a synopsis of some of the most recent medical journal articles that Dr.Murphy pulled together, this is information we should all be made aware of. The sad thing is that this is published information, but it is not reaching you -- the general public.

When you read this article know that the Italic statements are from the journals themselves,what is in " " bold and quotes are my thoughts in response to the research

Spinal stiffness was linked to visceral pathology with nearly 100% accuracy based upon sympathetic innervation.
(Medical Times, 1921)

Visceral =organ Pathology = Disease

1,000 capsules of Tylenol in a lifetime doubles the risk of end stage renal disease. (New England Journal of Medicine, 1994)

That almost sounds like it should be written on the label of all the Tylenol bottles.Looks Like a serious warning should have been sent out for all of us to know this!

The average time for a whiplash-injured patient to achieve maximum improvement is 7 months 1 week. (Spine, 1994)W

Why do we blow off a "Whiplash" This is a life altering injury,read on for more whiplash information.

93% of patients with chronic whiplash pain who have failed medical and physical therapy care improve with chiropractic adjustments. (Injury, 1996)

Why are we not being sent to the chiropractor first? Research from the Injury Journal says that chiropractors can give relief where physical therapy and medicine has failed,again I ask why are we not seeking chiropractic care verses other health care choices?

Taking the correct drug for the correct diagnoses in the correct dose will kill about 106,000 Americans per year, making it the 4 th most common cause of death in the US. (Journal of the American Medical Association, 1998)

WOW! Think, ask questions and ask more questions, before you blindly take that next prescription.Be sure your doctor knows your history, your current drugs, your allergies and any other drugs over the counter you are taking currently.Ask is there other choices; herbs,natural supplements,other types of life style changes,exercise ,other health care practitioners etc., Most important is for you to be a informed patient and you do your homework! Do not go about your health care needs blindly,you are not sheep. Be informed!

Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for rheumatoid and/or osteoarthritis conservatively cause 16,500 Americans to bleed to death each year, making that the 15most common cause of death in the US. (New England Journal of Medicine, 1999)

Do you know you can drastically affect RA (rheumatoid arthritis) - symptoms with diet and life style changes?
Check it out it is a better starting place than the drugs treatment. Diet changes will not have the same risks as the drug treatments have. This is non traditional treatment but I have seen much success with food elimination with patients with inflammatory conditions. I place patients on a non-inflammatory diet,the changes are amazing!

Glutamate and aspartame can cause chronic pain sensitization, and removing them from the diet for 4 consecutive months can eliminate all chronic pain symptoms. (Annals of Pharmacotherapy, 2002)

Why eat this stuff if you have chronic pain and if you do not why risk it! Away with all artificial sweeteners and artificial preservatives!
List of Glutimine foods -Not conclusive list-ranch dressings,Parmesan cheese,gravy,dipping sauces,chicken and sausage prepared foods,cheese products,soy sauce,MSG,Caesar salads,canned soups,Boar Head meats,Accent- food spice,Bouillon cubes to name a few.

Chiropractic spinal adjusting has been shown to be better than 5 times more effective than the NSAIDs pain drugs Celebrex and Vioxx in the treatment of chronic neck and low back pain. (Spine, 2003)

If this is you go out and find yourself a chiropractor,choose one who also has a nutritional background. Food and supplements are a great resource to aid in decreasing your joint pains.

In patients suffering from chronic pain subsequent to degenerative spinal disease, 59% can eliminate the need for pain drugs by consuming adequate levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids. (Surgical Neurology, 2006)

Remember to get a good source of Omega 3 not a cheap supplements, you do pay for what you get. Caution only Omega 3's avoid the 6 and 9's, we get more than we need form our diets.

Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to significantly lower blood pressure. (Journal of Human Hypertension, 2007)

Try a new approach and work with your chiropractor and change your diet/ life style. Add in some exercise, once cleared to exercise. You may be able to eliminate medications. Be sure your chiropractor is aware of your hypertension situation before you begin your care.

The estimated incidence of chronic pain from whiplash trauma is 15-40%. (Jour. of the Am Academy of Ortho Surg, 2007)

Why not start immediate care with the chiropractor to give yourself the best opportunity for a full recovery instead of waiting till your condition is chronic. Refer back to the prior Spine 1994 article.

Meniere’s Disease has been linked to a disorder of the upper cervical spine facet joints. (International Tinnitus Jour, 2007)

Adjusting the facets may be the solution to your Menires's Disorder (ringing in the ears)

Supplementing with vitamin D3 has the potential to reduce cancer deaths in America by 75%. (Ann of Epidemiology, 2009)

This research suggests such a reduction in cancer death rates that we all should be taking it daily-that's about 2/3 the risk of cancer just wiped away with one simple supplement. Remember Vitamin D3 is a fat soluble vitamin and you should be tested and told what amounts you need and monitor your amounts on a every 3mo test via blood if you are low and supplementing. We all want that easy cure pill here you go Vitamin D3 it is a start to decreasing your cancer risk. It could be considered a life assurance policy.

Potentially, the largest exposure of Americans to the neurotoxin mercury is through the consumption of products containing High Fructose Corn Syrup. (Environmental Health, 2009)

Why would you knowingly want to ingest mercury? Give up what you know to be bad for you and eat better. Remember knowledge is power and this is why I am sharing this information with you..

Those who consumed the highest amounts of non steroidal anti-inflammatory pain drugs increased their risk of dementia, including Alzheimer’s dementia, by 66%. (Neurology, 2009)

Try something else diet and supplements, fish oil- omega 3's only ,Boswellia and other non inflammatory supplements without the side effects of loosing your mind.

The newest estimate for the incidence of autism is 1 in 91 US children. (Pediatrics, 2009)

Lots of issues with this first know what you are doing to your kids ask questions, read about immunizations and avoid the Tylenol for children after immunization if you do choose this route. Remember to be informed children are not little people they are different they are not done growing.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Did You Know?

Thought this would be great information trivia about chiropractic!

Did You Know…?

 That you cannot adjust yourself?

“Cracking” or “popping” your spine may give temporary relief but since you are not correcting the cause of the problem, the urge to pop or crack comes back. You may be causing more problems than by doing nothing at all!

 That you cannot tell when you need to be adjusted?

Even chiropractors need to be checked by other chiropractors! The condition that we look for is like a cavity in your teeth—it may be there for some time before you feel anything.

 That after going through the birth process, babies’ little systems can have interference already?

Many parents of infants who have received chiropractic care have reported their child sleeping well, colic disappearing, asthma symptoms resolved, regular elimination…..many results that they have had no success with otherwise.

 That you cannot “get addicted” to getting adjusted?

Are you addicted to exercise or brushing your teeth? What happens for most people is that they get used to feeling in balance, less stressed and having more
energy. You may become more aware of what works and doesn’t work for your body.

 That you can stop anytime?

Your lifestyle stress will continue to build up in your body and you may experience a health crisis. Once you have been under care and realize how well you can function-most of our patients choose a wellness program to have those benefits for a lifetime!

 That chiropractic is different from massage?

Chiropractic deals primarily with the nervous system, spine and meningeal tissue.

Massage therapists deal with muscles and lymphatic drainage.

 That Chiropractic care is extremely safe?

Our malpractice insurance costs us a FRACTION of a Medical Doctor, orthopedist or neurosurgeon. As you know, rates are based on claims- think of your auto policy – more accidents, your rates go up! No accidents – better premiums.

 That you can go to a chiropractor even if you have a medical doctor?

Yes! No matter what kind of healthcare you choose, chiropractic care does something unique that no other profession does! In fact, many medical doctors themselves are under chiropractic care.

 That Chiropractor’s do not use medicine or surgery?

There are definitely times and places where emergency medical care is needed. We should not forget that proper lifestyle management is PARAMOUNT to the optimal functioning of the body and that if we choose to live consciously and healthfully that less medical care will be needed.

 That even if you “feel fine” you should see a chiropractor?

Many different conditions exist before you feel them! A cavity in your tooth is a perfect example of this. Heart disease, cancer and diabetes take YEARS to develop- mostly with no symptoms! Subluxation is another of those conditions that degrade your function over time sometimes with very few symptoms. Why not check your nervous system just as you would go to your dentist for a check up!

 That your frequency of adjustment may be different than someone else?

Everyone will need different care because we all have different life stresses. We never recommend any less care for you than we would give to our own families. The technology we use allows us to remove the guesswork and give you exactly the amount of care you need to remove subluxations and prevent the degradation of your nervous system.

Let us help you if you or your loved ones have not had a spinal screening please drop in and we can help you make a informed health care decision.