Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seeds What You Need to Know

Did you know the seed industry changed drastically in recent years?

About 7 million people had backyard gardens and became food growers last year.

Seeds are where our gardens develop from, then they grow into our food which
eventually ends up on our kitchen table.

Did you know that in 1980 a Supreme Court ruling was made that approved patents on life forms by genetic coding. This means seeds are legally traded and owned as commodities.

Three decades later, three multinationals, Monsanto, DuPont, and Syngenta,control 47 percent of the first link in the food chain, and 10 companies own 67 percent.

Why Care? Who Cares? You should!

“Transgenic technologies”, these are modifications happening to our food sources through changing the natural seeds. This can include breeding plants to produce pharmaceuticals, other crops are produced to resist pesticides and herbicides.

Since we allowed patenting of plant genetics, seeds have become a attractive investment- a new source to capitalize on.

Seed saving is how seeds were stored for thousands of years. Now we are seeing restrictions being placed on seeds by these few companies and we may be looking at becoming a hostage, our food supply is now at the hands of these few monopoly companies. These companies will control what is planted and how much is planted in the future.

Do you want these adulterated food sources?

This has the risk of causing genetic diversity to be lost. Now run by monopoly corporations diversity will shrink, seed conservation efforts will dwindle, we will loose genetic diversity all through these processes.

What can we do?

Start by knowing what goes on with your food. Ask questions where you purchase your foods from, ask the garden center the source of the seeds.
Seek out companies who sell organic seeds, support organic companies, eat organic as much as possible for your health.

I like "Seeds of Changes" order a catalog at 1-888-762-73333 or www.seedsof

Learn more >> Visit the Organic Seed Alliance ( and Seed Savers Exchange ( to learn how to save seeds and to monitor corporate and congressional action.

We are creating our children's futures. Become active in what you believe in, and make a stand, help make changes.