Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Supplements your child needs now

Most young children will choose a cookie over brussel sprouts any day. If you can’t get your child to eat their fruit and veggies, nutrition experts agree that a high-quality children’s multivitamin can provide important missing nutrients for developing brains and bodies. Many times children need more than just a multiple. Here are some of the top picks experts had chosen.

Most multiple for children provide less than 100 mg calcium, recommended daily intake 1,000 mg for ages 4 to 8; 1,300 mg for age 9 and older.
If your children eat dairy or fortified foods (soy milk, orange juice, tofu), they may be getting plenty.  If not, consider giving them supplements with calcium as well as magnesium and vitamin D, which growing bones need to absorb calcium. Many calcium supplements come in kid friendly chewable forms.
Dose: In addition to a daily multivitamin, take 200 mg calcium and 400–600 IU vitamin D3. Caution some multivitamins contain these amounts.
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Magnesium is one of the hardest supplements to get from food since its sources come from foods most kids don’t like, dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, whole grains. Beyond bones, magnesium supports muscle and nerve function as well as playing a role in sleep and moods and bowel regularity. Some research shows that low magnesium levels have been linked to ADHD and hyperactivity.
Dose: Up to 100 mg magnesium in the morning and evening daily. Powdered or liquid magnesium supplements can be a good way to tailor dose to individual needs.
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Unless your child is eating three or more servings a week of fatty fish like salmon, sardines, or tuna ,they are most likely deficient in fish oil. EPA and DHA, the omega-3 essential fatty acids from fish oil, are critical for development of the eyes and brain. Children deficient in omega 3 have been shown to be more aggressive and show a higher rate of depression, as well as ADHD. Omega-3has been shown to treat and prevent allergies and asthma.
Dose: Children over age 4 need about 250 mg DHA and 180 mg EPA daily; teens need about 500 mg DHA and 365 mg EPA. Choose a high-quality, citrus-flavored fish oil or cod-liver oil, in liquid, soft gel, or gummy form. For the vegetarian, look for an algae-sourced DHA-EPA product.
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These friendly gut bacteria improve digestion, ease constipation, and support the immune system. Children in day-care centers, who take probiotics, get fewer colds and ear infections. Kids can get probiotics from eating yogurt, but the high sugar content in flavored yogurts diminishes the benefits, use the plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit to get the benefits as well as reduce the sugar load and it is more economical. Give this product to give your child after they’ve been treated with an antibiotic, this may boost the immune system and eliminate the next sickness
Dose: 10 billion CFU or more daily, as needed.
Try; Don’t skimp on quality get a good quality probiotic we are building immune systems
Vitamin D
Our body makes Vitamin D. It is not truly a Vitamin but a hormone. The sun is most times not enough for most kids since we are not in the sun long enough to get all the benefits. Milk contains addition Vit D but it is not enough and it is synthetic Vit D2 . Vitamin D is found naturally in foods such as eggs, cod liver oil and fish in the form of D3 which is important for immunity and bone health. Cautious where your eggs and food comes from fresh organic is best and no cage raised.
Dose:400–2,000 IU daily. The Institute of Medicine recently doubled its recommendation for children to 400 IU daily, but many kids may need more. It is easy test to see what amount vitamin d your child has get a blood test Remember Vit d is good but to much is bad do not over due it with out testing first!
Try: There are now Vit d drops for infants as well.
A building block for a healthy immune system, this trace mineral supports the senses of taste and smell. Picky eaters who crave sugar may be deficient in zinc It’s essential for sexual development at puberty. Red meat, Chicken and beans are all good sources for zinc.
Dose: 2–4 mg of a as zinc or look for a multi mineral liquid that includes calcium, magnesium, and zinc.
Try: Another easily tested vitamin to test ,ask about the zinc tally test.

It’s a good idea to talk to your health care provider before starting a new supplement.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What are Hemp Hearts?

Hemp Hearts (shelled hemp seeds) are the best source of protein, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes on the Earth. Hemp Hearts do not contain significant amounts of sugar, starches or saturated fats. Analysis indicates that Hemp Hearts are unmatched in Nature for their balance of all required proteins and all essential fats as well as most vitamins and enzymes. Many clinical studies prove the importance of these nutrients. Analysis also indicates that these beneficial nutrients are concentrated in Hemp Hearts without sugar and with only minimal quantities of carbohydrates and saturated fats.

Hemp Hearts:
• Contain more amino acids (proteins) than milk, meat or eggs.
• Contain more omega 3 essential fat than any fish.
• Is a complete protein source - much more balanced than & digestible than any soy product.
• Contain about 47% oil, 86% of which is omega 3, 6, 9.
• Contains all the essential an omega 3 fats required for human health.
• Is perfect for those troubled with constipation and for those avoiding carbohydrates.
• Provides more energy than energy bars -- without their sugar, milk, nuts, and meat.
• Is suitable for those unable to eat gluten, sugar, milk nuts, or meat.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Smoking Cessation - How to Stop Smoking!

Lifestyle Recommendations:

  1. Avoid stress and extra obligations.
  2. Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking.
  3. Participate in a regular balanced exercise program that includes wearing a pedometer to ensure that you collect steps and move more. High intensity short bursts (20-60 seconds) of activity during the day is recommended to enhance growth hormone release. Also engage in resistance training that works all major muscle groups (work each group at least 2 times a week).

Dietary Recommendations:

  1. Avoid all sugars. Replace sugar with the polyol sugar xylitol.
  2. Avoid white flour and all refined carbohydrates including cereals and pasta.
  3. Get a balance of omega 3's (salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines) and omega 9 fats (olive oil, olives, almonds, hazelnuts, avocados).
  4. Choose lean, clean quality protein at each meal such as chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef, fish (especially salmon and sardines), eggs and whey protein.
  5. Avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils and fried foods.
  6. Cook with olive oil at low heat.
  7. Snack on vegetables and small amounts of nuts, olives or avocado.
  8. Eat 5-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily (fruits must be limited to 1 -2 per day due to sugar content) OR add one heaping tablespoon of PaleoGreens and PaleoReds to your favorite drink.
  9.  Carry PaleoMeal Packets and/or PaleoBars with you to prevent missing meals or snacks.

Supplement Recommendations:

In addition to the core nutrient program recommended by your Health Care Professional and/or from the results of your most recent Designs for Health Metabolic Profile:
  1. CraveArrest: 1-2 before each meal to reduce desire for cigarettes (3-6 per day). Works best on an empty stomach.
  2. Chromium Synergy: 1 with each meal to stabilize blood sugar levels and reduce cigarette cravings (2-3 per day)
  3. Adrenotone Plus: 1 with each meal to improve adrenal function for better physiological control of stress, also improves blood sugar control (3 per day)
  4. Milk Thistle: 1 with each meal to aid liver detoxification of cigarette chemicals and antioxidant protection (3 per day)
Call us for a Nutrition Program specifically designed for your needs!
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