Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What can you do to prevent pain while you are traveling?

1.    Take Breaks: if you are stuck on a plane, get up and move around as often as possible. If you are on the road make sure you stop the car every once and a while to stretch out your legs and move around.

2.    Drink Water: Make sure that you are drinking often. Flying dehydrates your body, since your joints need lubrication, lack of water intake will cause bigger problems than just a dry mouth. Plus frequent water intake will ensure frequent trips to the bathroom which will get you out of your seat more often

3.    Get as much sleep as possible (especially if you are dealing with a time change). Give yourself permission to take a nap. Expose yourself to daylight to help you reset your internal clock.

4.    Prepare! If you know that you have a hectic travel schedule you should prepare your body with some simple core strengthening exercises. Physical preparation involves more than just routine exercise and what you do to look good. The type of physical preparation I am referring to involves strengthening the small muscles of your body. These are the muscles that support and stabilize your joints. Within your body you have two sets of muscles, those that create motion and those that control motion. Following a core activation program that focuses on the smaller muscles involved with control and stability can pay off by protecting your body against such things as low back pain, hip pain and knee pain. This type of resistance needed to perform such exercises involves only your body weight so you can perform the routine anywhere, anytime.

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