Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What is Nutritional Consulting?

What is nutritional consulting?

It is a termed used for a person to get proper direction about their health, wellness and lifestyle. The goal is to improve your current health levels.

Why might one need to seek Nutritional Consulting?

The number one reason is to be sure you are eating as well as you can be and getting the desired results from your eating program. Do you know what you need to see if you are lacking in anything nutritionally? To treat a specific health issue with natural alternatives verse more medications? Just want to feel better? If you feel older than your friends do, if you want to lose weight? Want a safe and healthy detoxification program? You want someone to look over your existing nutritional program? Have high cholesterol, triglycerides, gut issues, constipation or diarrhea? Some of our patients are here as a last resort to wellness. They have been everywhere and do not know what is wrong.  We begin to unravel their health issues and offer direction. I, Dr. Kulp will also work with your current team of health care practitioners.

Why consult with me, Dr. Kulp? My answer to my patients is: I will offer more than just a consult on what to eat. My goal is to educate you on a lifestyle to live every day to the fullest and live for a lifetime of wellness. I seek to find what is causing your current health issues then I design a plan to get to the root of the issues and we start there.

What is involved with nutritional consulting with Dr. Kulp

1st we start with an initial visit of 1 hour to determine what your goals are. During this hour, I will ask a lot of questions and take a detailed health history and exam along with in office testing. You will be sent home with a diet log and lab slip to have blood drawn, if this is warranted for your case. You will also complete specific health questionnaires at home that will further indicate how I will manage your individual health issues.

2nd visit we will discuss what the plan will be and how we will treat your specific issue(s). At this time I will make recommendations for specialized testing if needed. I will review your blood results if you had blood testing. Further suggestions are made about diet changes and nutritional supplements to resolve your deficient nutrients.

Future visits address and review any other testing, follow up testing, goal setting, diet evaluation, retesting, and one on one education on your specific condition.

Each person is treated as an individual. Two peoples weight loss programs may be very different based on each person’s needs

I also treat specific health issues like digestive health issues such as irritable bowel, yeast issues, poor health, obesity, weight loss, infertility issues, chronic fatigue, low iron, disease prevention, detoxification and cleansing programs, chronic joint pains, inflammation and much more. It is a great prevention program where you can learn to prevent sickness and disease by choosing a better life style in general.

Health is something we create. We are all susceptible to disease but the better care we take of our body, the bettered our life will be overall.

.My programs are designed around eating whole, healthy, natural foods and organic foods with a large emphasis on educating you on caring for yourself.

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